API Documentation Plugin for DokuWiki

Since the Vortex API needs documenting and there was a lack of good API documentation plugins for DokuWiki we decided to write one.

The plugin is really simple, takes formatted text using | as a separator and formats an API documentation layout. The format of the text is:

CLASS|[name of class]|[filename of class]|[Extends]|[description]
FIELD|[name of field]|[definition]|[Description]
METHOD|[name of method]|[definition]|[Returns]|[description]
PARAMETER|[name of parameter]|[type of parameter]|[default value]|[description]

Rows are separated with an | character as descriptions can contain line breaks.

For example, the following code:

CLASS|AjaxHandler|/classes/ajax/ajaxhandler.php||This class handles all the AJAX calls coming back to the Vortex from the html frontend.\\
Note: **This is an internal Vortex class that is not intended for use in scripts**|
FIELD|XML|const XML = 0x0001;|Internal use for determining response type.|
FIELD|XMLSTART|const XMLSTART = 0x0002;|Internal use for determining response type.|
FIELD|XMLSTOP|const XMLSTOP = 0x0004;|Internal use for determining response type.|
FIELD|DOM|const DOM = 0x0008;|Internal use for determining response type.|
FIELD|ERROR|const ERROR = 0x8000;|Internal use for determining response type.|
METHOD|__construct()|public function __construct()|AJAXHandler instance|Initializing the response, constructing a new instance of the AJAXHandler.|
METHOD|handle()|public function handle()||Handles the AJAX request and builds a response.

Renders the page:


For a live demonstration of the plugin, visit The Vortex API Documentation .

For download and documentation, see the APIDoc page.