Telldus Tellstick on Raspberry Pi

For different automation projects the Telldus Tellstick is a neat solution to let your software interface some external wireless hardware. This document describes how to connect and setup the Telldus Tellstick on the Raspberry Pi, mostly for internal reference, but hopefully it can be of assistance to someone out there. The first step is adding Läs mer om Telldus Tellstick on Raspberry Pi[…]

MediaTek USB WLAN adapter on Raspberry Pi

We’ve got a few Raspberry Pi’s to use in different projects, and for theese pi’s we got a couple of different WLAN adapters. In our search for a cheap and simple system we’ve tried a few differend brands of adapters, with different results. This document will describe how to get the MediaTek USB WLAN adapter Läs mer om MediaTek USB WLAN adapter on Raspberry Pi[…]